So it's been a very busy few weeks with the Paper Jukebox collective in preparation for our brand new mind-muddling exhibition TIME, as part of the Fringe Arts Bath. We're showing our work at the old Officer's Club premises in Bath.

We've been getting down and dirty in our overalls transforming our once-shabby exhibition space into a shiny mecca of cleanliness:

Now the room's all prepared it's on with some work! I have a long standing feud with printers but this evening I've made friends with this lovely, gigantic epsom printer...

It's always very nerve wracking waiting for the results to come out but thankfully we got it right, and there's a sneak preview of my work for the exhition- in response to the space, I've gone a lot bigger than usual!

Doing some last-minute amendments in the printers...

And here's a short excerpt from my new piece! I guess I would describe it as an existential visual poetry essay around the theme of 'TIME'... but you'll have to come to the exhibition and decide for yourself!

Aaaaaand last but not least we've teamed up with Moo Skins to create a limited-edition set of iPhone cases... here's mine! They will all be displayed and on sale at the exhibition. Not long to go now!

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