Old work I never got round to scanning in.
"The popularity of an animal is directly correlated with the number of anthropomorphic features it possesses" (Anon.)
With that in mind, I applied the same baby face to lots of different animals.

Personal favourite is the chicken.

Cluck cluck cluck.

Things That I Have Learned

That Sundays are for: mooching in your pyjamas, stuffing yourself with carbohydrates, finding out who has been voted out of The X Factor, maybe having a bath, on suitable days walking across the last of the British countryside, on unsuitable days playing Scrabble, phoning mum, musing on the balcony and napping inconsistently.

That Sundays are not for: doing everything that needs to be done for Monday that you put off during the week; including creating a portfolio on the kitchen floor from three year's worth of sketchbooks, going into technological battle with a stubborn scanner and shouting at Adobe Illustrator (both versions 3 and 5) whilst everyone tries to civilly watch Downton Abbey.