Divergence II

So it appears my last post didn't publish properly, which shows how awful my internet connection is and how diligently I check my blog.

Second attempt, hopefully with the actual video and not some overly bookish chronicle.


A short video.

Final piece for our animation project, also the final piece of work from second year.

A fleeting moment of realisation brought about by investigating the phenomenon of multiple online lives. I spent several weeks creating avatars for portals such as Second Life, World of Warcraft and Habbo Hotel, whilst simultaneously taking street recordings of passing conversations and unacknowledged background noise.

What I hope to show is neither cynical nor celebratory, merely a close observation of the parallels between our virtual and our real lives... a transient conclusion that whatever hopes Hollywood may spin us; tangible or simulated; nothing much is ever really going to happen. In reality, what I do show is that I have a damn nice pair of socks.

The Holga

So, I got my first batch of film from my Holga developed (finally!). Contrary to popular Holga folklore, all twelve images actually came out- although of varying quality. They say that for every roll of film you lovingly put through your Holga, all the effort and expense of developing and scanning, you only get one good image. Well, this is it, and it has light leaks.

Lomography. Why do I bother???