"A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

I tried to draw a scary looking werewolf for my Hallowe'en collection, however it seems to have degenerated from flesh-eating, moon-howling, forest-terrorising beast into a slightly bemused and dull-as-dishwater domesticated wolf in a naff Christmas jumper. Such is life.

Happy Hallowe'en

The Big Draw

I recently took part in a wonderful event organised by The Big Draw- "THE BIG DRAW'S BIG SPLASH" The event was a fantastic celebration of illustration and all things creative and colourful. To get the arty party started Quentin Blake arrived on a tugboat, and then drew us all a picture!

During the course of the day a number of activities- such as pirate themed life drawing and tin foil boat making- took place, all aimed at encouraging old hands and new hands to pick up the pencil (or pen, or paintbrush- whatever your persuasion).

As well as managing to see some really inspiring talks from illustrators such as John Berger and Karrie Fransman, I spent a charming and somewhat unexpected afternoon on an artificial island in the docklands of the London Canal Musuem encouraging children to draw ducks and sea monsters!

Here is a group picture of myself and some of the other dedicated volunteers in our snazzy matching tee shirts:

Nice work team x