From Russia With Love

Charity shop gold: back on my birthday we discovered this Russian babe in British Heart Foundation:

Fast forward six months and I finally took the film to be developed. To be honest I wasn't expecting any photographic wonders; the instruction manual was in Russian and there are lots of random numbers and little controls that even my friends on photography courses couldn't fathom. Hey ho, at least choosing the shutter speed is fairly simple- those soviet designers kindly drew a cloud selection menu on the lens, with a dizzying array of four types of cloud!

Obviously the pictorial selection menu paid off, because nearly all of the prints came out. Apart from a confusing double exposure incident, in which a spring day at the beach has been mashed together with a day's kite flying in Minchinhampton- an episode which I still haven't fathomed- everything seems ship-shape. Looking forward to recording some of Autumn now, and am planning a day trip to an arboretum* one rainy weekend in October.

*Arboretum: Like a zoo, but for trees.

She Said; "You Ain't Ugly, You Can Kiss Me If You Like"

Stationary season is upon us. That can only mean one thing, it's time to buy a new lever arch file and pack of highlighters in preparation for the incoming seven months ahead. Seven months of drawing my socks off and boffing up on Roland Barthes. As a small consolation, I made a badge.

Birthday Card

Token bird-related card for my step dad's annual birthday.

I wasn't in a very good mood this year.