Boo hoo, my time exhibiting with Paper Jukebox at Fringe Arts Bath has sadly come to an end! Floors swept and pictures packed away, it was with a heavy heart I said goodbye to our lovely exhibition space. It's been a wonderful few weeks working with the collective, meeting new artists and being a part of such an amazing event.

Here's our exclusive iPhone cover collection!

 And a cheesy pic of me and my new piece. I'm currently updating my website to include my newest work so watch this space!

We also had some live printmaking from the very talented Sophie Rae...

Thanks also to whoever left this feedback card with a dart through it on one of the walls!

Also I will miss the spectacular views of Bath our venue offered- I've spent many an hour observing life strolling through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, although it saddens me to think that most people were more interested in reaping up the shiny products on the ground floors than the stunning scenery!

Oh yes and got a sneaky peek at the Roman Baths... for free!

And finally my write up of the show- head the warning of the ticking clock, chums.