I've recently moved up in the technology world and have acquired an iPad! Other than playing Hanging With Friends and Facebooking in High Definition, I've really been drawn to (ha ha) the amazing app, Paper 53. After playing around with a few drawing and painting apps I settled for this one, two of the top features being the watercolour function and the way drawings are displayed in little moleskine notebooks. (Off-white pages- hooray!)

Although technology needs to come a little further to really make the images authentic (different sized paintbrushes would be a good start), it's been a fun few days testing out a new medium. I don't have a stylus so it's more like glorified finger painting at the moment, but I'm enjoying using the app to jot down ideas... and draw lots of cats.

And redesign my website... if only it were this simple!

And start work on this years Christmas cards.

And draw junk lying around the house.

Creativity - 1, Chores - 0.

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