Tomorrow my Grandma will celebrate her 90th birthday. Unfortunately I will not be in England to celebrate, but I received an email from my mum asking me to draw a picture and write something I associate with Grandma to use for bunting for her party. The idea is that everyone will contribute a flag each and Granny will receive something a bit like a decorative photo album. For anyone unfamiliar with bunting, it's that cute flag stuff you see in Laura Ashley magazines and village fetes. 

(Here's some I made during my art foundation, decorated with an illustrated poem I wrote about Hungarian museum exhibits coming to life one night, venturing out into the city and, realising it was no longer the Medieval fairytale kingdom it once was, deciding to head back stay in the musuem after all)

I had lots of ideas about what to put on my allotted flag, but I went with this bunny puppet and a short story on the back.

"On summer evenings we used to walk down to the Beefeater pub with Grandma and Grandad. One night I left my toy rabbit, Cottontail, in Old Mother Hubbard's shoe. When we got home Grandma called the Beefeater, but nobody had handed my rabbit in. Seeing how upset I was, Grandma spent the next day sewing a near perfect replica of said bunny rabbit. I called him Flopsy. He had whiskers and everything. Grandma made the best stuffed toys. She always got the eyes just right."

I hope she has a wonderful day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! 

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