Bug in a Rug

This is quite a vintage post but I thought I'd share. Whilst sorting out all my old papery bits and pieces (which seem to accumulate at a mammoth rate) I found this little gem. It's part of a game that I've always known as 'Bug in a Rug', where everyone has a piece of paper and they write down a word or phrase. This is then passed on to the next person who draws a visual representation of said word or phrase. They then fold over the paper so that the original writing is hidden, pass it on, and the next person must guess what the picture is of and write down the words...the picture is then folded over and passed on and.. and so on, until paper/patience runs out. It's a really funny game and perfect for Christmas!

Considering that this was played with a group of graduate illustrators, you'd think we'd have been bang on. Alas not, as we struggle to differentiate between Ewoks and M&Ms!

I want to find the rest of the outcomes now!

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