Gordon The Tramp

Bournemouth's local celeb!
Learn more about Gordon here

Do something active! Support the online petition to have Gordon carry the Olympic Torch as it passess through our seaside town here.

I met Gordon just before I left Bournemouth. He was stood behind me in the queue at the Post Office. I was renewing my road tax. The Post Office Lady asked Gordon how he was, and he said, "Where are my keys!". Then she asked him if he was ready to carry the torch through town. He said no, but I still think he could be persuaded. As far as general tramps go, I give him a seven. General unkempt, good sized beard, moderate smell. He loses points for not actually being homeless. Also nothing will ever beat the overweight, six foot, bald transvestite who walks around Stroud wearing a muu muu and talking to his two Barbie dolls. No word of a lie.

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