Merry Christmas Your Arse!

Christmas 2010 has descended with all the usual bells and whistles. I've been pretty much snowed under (ha ha) with uni work, but managed to whip up a few cheery cards to sell at the AUCB Christmas Silent Auction. I made the less-than-jolly cards as a bit of a joke, but they turned into somewhat of a success- I guess everyone knows someone who doesn't really embrace the yuletide spirit! I like to think of it as the 'Humbug' market.

My personal favourite was "Ho Fucking Ho!" but I neglected to take a photo of it. I'm interested in hearing if anyone received it in their Christmas post!

One card also contained this delightful insert. God bless Shane McGowan, and his nightmare-inducing incisors. (Or lack of)

Merry Bloody Christmas.

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